Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Dear Heavenly Father,

You are Holy and Righteous.
You are the One whom ALL blessings flow.
You are a really good God and circumstances DO NOT change that.

It is Your nature.
It is Your character.
It is who You are.


But Father,
we are hurting and our community is struggling.

A friend was lost.
A friend is still missing.
And we are so sad and so confused.

Our hearts ache for the Morland and Strickland families.
We ask you to cover them in peace, mercy, and Jesus love.

We love You and we trust You, but we simply do not understand.

Pain and tragedy is something we all try to avoid, but they have a way of amplifying Your love, grace and mercy.  It is a microphone that has the potential to amplify Jesus love to a lost and dying world.

And right now, 
The world is watching.
The world is leaning in.

Please use this as a way to show the world how amazing You are.
Please use this as a way to show the world Your true character.

You are mighty and powerful and there is nothing You can't do!

Your Word, the Bible, is filled with stories of Your interaction with humanity.
You parted the Red Sea for the Israelites to escape from Pharaoh.  You sent an angel into a fiery furnace to keep Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego safe.  You sent Jesus, Your only Son, to this world to rescue us from our sins and give us life.

You are the Rescuer and our friend desperately needs to be rescued.

God, if You have anything planned for Craig other than a rescue that results in a safe return home, we ask you to CHANGE YOUR MIND.  Please!  We beg you for a miracle and at the same time pray that Your Will be done.  You, and You alone, are the Author of our lives and we trust You to write Craig's story however You see fit.

It's days like this that remind us to keep our eyes fixed on You and live every day with Eternity in mind.  In Isaiah, You told us that Your thoughts are nothing like our thoughts and Your ways are far beyond anything we could ever imagine.  So today, we make a choice based on who You are, not on how we feel.  Today, we choose to trust You and praise you.