Thursday, January 29, 2015


This guy.
He was a coworker that became a friend.
He was a friend that became family.

Chad served alongside Keith for years and this past November,
God called him to something new, something different.

And for the first time in over 10 years,
we have to say Happy Birthday and celebrate him from a distance.

Three states.
Three churches.
Ten and a half years of memories.

He has been a friend to Keith, a role model for Alex, and a brother to me.
Over the last decade, Keith has had several associates, lots of interns, and hundreds of youth workers, but Chad has been the constant in our lives.

Chad, your friendship to my husband has meant so much to me.

You were trustworthy and loyal.
You loved him and faithfully served by his side.
You freed Keith up to be Keith so he could fulfill the call God has on his life.
You put up with all of the oddities that make him who he is.
You never failed to challenge him and point him to Jesus.
You made him a better man…. and for that, I will be forever grateful!

The two of you… you made an amazing team.

You brought balance to someone who lives life on the edge and the amount of things the two of you have accomplished for the Kingdom is nothing short of amazing.  Thousands of lives forever changed because of your commitment to live out your unique calling.  I am so glad I have had a front row seat all of these years!

And Alex…
How do I even begin to explain to you the amount of gratitude I have for you being the kind of man I would be proud for Alex Harmon to model his life after?

You filled the role as brother when it looked like he was going to be an only child.
You patiently allowed this little extrovert to completely invade your introvert world.
You were a substitute grandparent when he lived away from family, you were his trusted movie critic when he was deciding if a movie was a good choice for him, and you were the only person he ever wanted to come along with us wherever God called us next.

If Alex Harmon could choose to be any superhero in the world, I am confident he would choose you every time.  Thank you for being a hero to my tender hearted little guy.

You have done life up close with us and it hasn’t always been pretty.

You have witnessed our family walk the hard road of infertility.
You served with us when we lost our second baby.
You prayed with us as we fought to bring Miles home and then prayed for us as we fought to learn to parent him.

To say the last 4 years have been the toughest for our family is an understatement.  But, having you at the church to daily do life with Keith and Alex was such a comfort to me because life at home was so hard.  You will never really know how much we appreciate you not being afraid to be a part of the messiness that is our family.

You are and always will be family to us.  I have prayed for you over the years like one of my children.  In January, I claimed this as your year.  I told God I wanted to mark your name off of my “Single Guys on Staff” list that I pray over.  Guys that don’t have a wife to stand in the gap for them.  I circled your name and wrote 2014 on the card and have been claiming this as your year.  Little did I know that God was already working out something special.  The only thing that made the transition bearable was that, as I watched God close out this chapter in all of our lives, He was writing a brand new chapter that included the most beautiful love story.  The love story that I have been praying for you and over you the last 10 years.

Thank you for walking out your single years in front of Alex with integrity and purity.  For showing him what it looks like to wait for your person and trust God’s timing.  You made trusting God look easy.

I pray that as you begin your next chapter, one that includes marriage and children, that God will bless you with a “Chad”… a friendship whose hearts are knit together by God, a person who will love your children like their own, someone who will be an example of what it looks like to chase after Jesus, a friend who will be a faithful brother in Christ as you have been to us.

Happy Birthday, sweet friend!
I am so absolutely crazy about you, your family, and the sweet girl God has gifted you with and I hope your birthday is wonderfully fantastic!

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