Sunday, December 7, 2014


This man.

Today is his birthday.
Today he turns 40.

I never get tired of celebrating his life.
He is such a gift.

He lives everyday all-in and out-loud.

No matter who is around and no matter what the situation,
Keith doesn't know how to be anyone other than Keith.
And I love that!

He has such an amazing heart.

He loves Jesus and has committed his life to serving His church.
He cares deeply about people and desires to help them live out their calling.
He supports and sacrifices for his family and I am certain there isn't anything he wouldn't do for us.

Together, we have two boys.
One five. One fifteen.
They both adore him and I pray they grow up to be just like him!

This man.

There is no one in the world I love more.
There is no one in the world I would rather do life with.
There is no one in the world I have more respect for than this man.

Happy 40th Birthday, Keith!
You make me smile.

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