Saturday, February 15, 2014


4 years ago today, in the beautiful country of Ethiopia, a precious baby boy was placed in my arms and forever changed my world.

I cannot separate the joy of adoption from the pain that comes with being adoptable.  One of the best days of my life was the result of immense pain and loss in Miles' life.  The heaviness of that reality is not lost on me.

It's beautiful and heavy all at the same time.

Life with Miles has not been easy.
We have had more hard days that I care to count and if I had it to do all over again…
I wouldn't change a thing.

I don't know how He does it.
God is able to turn tragedy, loss, pain and heartache into something good.  
Something beautiful.

The call God put on our hearts to adopt forever changed us.  Our family will never ever be the same because of the things God has opened our eyes to and made us aware of.  And when you add Miles' special needs on top of that, well, you can forget the Harmon family every being the same again.  God has blessed us with new lenses through which to view the world.  The lenses of adoption and special needs gives us a unique perspective on how much God deeply loves each and every one of us.

As an adoptive parent, days like today, days we refer to as gotcha day, are amazing.
All the paperwork, the time, the money, the preparations, the prayers, the anticipation, the love - it all builds up to this day.  The day we physically get to meet the child that has already stolen our hearts.

Do you think God celebrates gotcha days?
Do you think God feels the joy and the pain of adoption?
The joy of a Father who so loved the world along with the pain of a Father whose Son was crucified to save that world?

The only reason my adoption into God's family is possible is because of Jesus.  God sent His one and only Son to put the world right again.  Jesus willingly took my place on the cross and died on my behalf.  The heaviness of that reality is not lost on me.

Today, we celebrate adoption.
We celebrate Miles' adoption into our family and our adoption into God's family.
We celebrate the fact that God called us to live out adoption and be living proof that Redemption wins! God has the ability to redeem and make beautiful things out of us!

my heart has been redeemed,
adopted and now I know my Father
this grace that I've received
I want to show you
I want to show you

this love this love is the deep kind
it hangs on through the storm and the sunshine
I'll hold your hand, be your biggest fan
and I'll love you all of the time
{mandi mapes}

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