Saturday, December 7, 2013


The first time I met Keith I was 5 years old.

We were at local burger place and he was sitting in a booth with his Dad.  He had white bandages wrapped all around his head covering up the stitches he just received at the hospital.  Apparently, when you throw a brick up in the air and it lands on your head, it hurts.  And bleeds.  And stitches are required.

I used to make fun of the little boy who hit himself in the head with a brick.
And 17 years later, I ended up marrying him.

Life with Keith Harmon is fun, crazy and never ever dull.

Keith believes that every morning should begin with a ice cold Dr. Pepper, that ice cream should be eaten every night (preferably with Magic Shell) and that Haribo Fizzy Cola gummi candy should be ordered by the case.

Keith is a man of integrity, a hard worker, a team player, a servant leader, a faithful husband, a loving dad and a great friend to so many.

He doesn't complain, he easily forgives, he is careful not to let anyone out of his circle of love, and he has committed his life to telling and teaching people about Jesus.

Today is his day.
It's his birthday.
He is a gift.

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  1. And wasn't he the one who rang the door bell in the dining room of our guest home in ET? ;-) What a SWEET, SWEET post. I love you heart and am so thankful God brought the two of you together to create such a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing!