Monday, August 5, 2013


Today has been a really long day.
We are tired, worn out and our brains hurt.
But, I cannot go to bed tonight with out telling you about our day.
Well, mostly, I want to tell you how good, faithful and amazing God is.

I was reading last night and came across this quote in Katherine Koonce's book Parenting the way God Parent's along with a verse in Habakkuk...

"We are devoted to the Giver, not to His gifts. We must never confuse the two."
{Katherine Koonce}

You see, that is the history with me and God.
He is gentle with me.
He almost always goes before me and prepares me for the hard stuff.
The messy stuff.
The heavy stuff.

He knew that today, I would need to be reminded that he is God.
He knew that today, I would need to be reminded to joyfully praise Him.

He is so, so good to me.

And it doesn't stop there.
As I was laying down tonight with Miles, God reminded me of the prayers I started praying for Miles 4 months before I ever saw his face.  4 months before I heard his story.

Only God!
Only God could have lead me to pray 'connect everything in his brain the way it's suppose to be' everyday for Miles before he was even born.

And that brings us to today.
The day God had been preparing me for.

Miles had an evaluation at the Schmeiding Center today from 8:45am-5:30pm.
It was a long day and Miles struggled to stay engaged (which is normal).

After hours of testing, playing and interviews, Miles was given 2 different diagnosis.  The official labels are long and complicated sounding and you need those fancy letters after your name to really understand them. So, to keep things as simple as possible, here is our easy to understand version...

#1  Autistic. His autism is moderate to severe and he is considered low functioning.
#2  Mild Intellectual Disability.

The diagnosis is heavy.
There are parts we totally expected and parts that were a bit of a shock.

But when I try and think about and process all the information, I can't help but just thank God for loving me enough go before me and prepare me.  He is so faithful!

Life on this earth will always be messy.
Which is why it blows my mind to think that last night, the God of the universe, loved me enough to make sure that I remembered who I was to be devoted to and what my response was suppose to be today.

"...yet I will rejoice in the Lord; I will take joy in the God of my salvation.
God, the Lord, is my strength;..."
{Habakkuk 18-19a}

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  1. I love you so. Thank you for giving Miles of your lives so that he could have one.