Monday, July 30, 2012


We are 63 days into our baby bed to big boy bed transition.
63 naps.  63 bedtimes.

Yes, we are counting.

Miles is smart, determined, fearless, and has the strongest will I ever seen in a child.  He is pretty amazing!  And there is a reason we call him 'The Destroyer'.

Naptime usually looks something like this...
Or this...

Which is why there has been a lot of this...

Remember when I first told you about the transition?  Here are a few things that we had to do the first couple of days to help make Miles' environment safe for him...
"I removed toys and books within reach, tied down baskets to prevent climbing up the bookshelf, made sure all plugs were covered & blind cords were up out of reach, and put knob covers on closet & bedroom doors. Within 5 minutes of leaving him in his room the first night, I was able to add tape down light switches to the list.  By the second and third day, I had to take out his rocking chair & turn his dresser around backwards to keep him from using the drawers as stairs.  As of tonight, curtains are being removed and we are exploring our options on what to do with his blinds to discourage him from swinging from them (which is currently what he is using them for)." 
In the last two months, besides all the adjustments we made the first three days, the light switches have been duct taped (packing tape was no match for the destroyer), the lamp was removed due to broken shade and light bulb, the mattress pad was removed from the twin mattress so he wouldn't suffocate, the bookshelf was taken out, all pictures were taken off the walls, the twin mattress was taken out.

Miles room now consists of a toddler bed, a dresser turned around backwards and a floating shelf that holds his noise maker, his CD player and his monitor.

That's it!
No pictures.  No curtains.  No toys.
Nothing remotely cute or interesting.
All because we are desperately trying to keep Miles safe.  Safe from himself!

My first thought was, there, it's basically an empty shell of a room, what more could he do?

Well, this is the destroyer we're talking about.

We are now four days into our empty room.
Bedtime hasn't been too bad.
But nap time, well, it's officially my least favorite part of the day!

Nap #1:  Miles slept under the toddler bed.

Nap #2:  Miles removed the mattress from the toddler bed and proceeded to take the bed apart, one slat at a time.  I gave him a stern no and put the bed back together.  He took it apart again.  I removed the bed.

Nap #3:  After realizing that all the slats had been secured and the mattress was, in fact, tied down to the bed, Miles spent his nap climbing the dresser and sitting on top of it with his blankets in hand.  The dresser that is over three and a half feet tall with slick sides and back and only an abnormally strong three year old could climb as long the outlet cover is in place.  Again, thank you Physical Therapy :)  Outlet cover has been removed and plugs have been rerouted.

Nap #4:  Two hours of running around and Miles finally fell asleep... under the bed.

It's easy to get discouraged when you are parenting toddlers.  It's tough.  But it's just for a season.  

God wants to use both Alex and Miles to change the world.  He has created them both for a specific purpose- a purpose that no one else can fulfill.  Whether they want to be our not, they are called to be mighty warriors.

I don't know about you, but I parent much different when I think about the fact that I am parenting a future world changer, a mighty warrior, a future husband, a future daddy.

But for now, my littlest warrior sleeps in an empty room while wearing a sleep sack.  He may not look scary, but believe me, you should be a little afraid.  I may or may not have the bite marks to prove it.