Friday, December 16, 2011


Miles' hair is crazy so we finally caved in and got it cut.
It was time.
I was in complete denial, but it really needed to be done.

His ends were getting dry and knotted real easy, making getting ready in the mornings a bit of a nightmare. So, in an effort to make it healthier, we cut it.

I really did not think he would do good.
I had braced myself for the worst.
So, my super fabulous hair girl came in before the salon opened to cut down on noise and we armed ourselves with a bag full of candy, toys, books, and electronics. Turns out, all we needed was a lollipop. Well, two to be exact.

:: All picked out and ready to go ::

:: Miles getting his hair cut like a big boy ::

:: Two lollipops later, all done ::

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