Monday, October 17, 2011


I am married to the most amazing man in the world.
I don't deserve him.
But I am better because of him.

He lives out Jesus to me.

He's not perfect.
But he is quick to extend grace, love and forgiveness.

He knows my flaws and my shortcomings and loves me anyway.
He forgives when I don't deserve it.
He's quick to say sorry, even when it's my fault.
And he doesn't hold a grudge.

Who does that?
My man, that's who.

By choosing to love me as Christ loved the church, Jesus shines.
Which makes me want to be more like Jesus to him.
Which makes me better. And our marriage better.
All because he made a choice.

I am so blessed to have a man who is willing to lead.
He leads gently.
By example.

After we got married, he told me that if I leave him he's going with me.
I thought it was funny.
He makes me laugh.

But 15 years later,
I am surprised at the security that statement has brought me.
Because I know they aren't empty words.
He means it.

The statement comes from a place of insecurity for him, but God has used it in our marriage to get us to the place to not only say we are all in, but to live it. To choose it. To fight for it.

So, good, bad, or ugly,
'till death do us part' is the only way we are getting out of this marriage.
And I love that.

Today isn't special.
It isn't the day we met, our first date or our anniversary.
It's just a Monday.
And today, we choose love.


  1. I am SO thankful for both of you and the example you set for so many. Love you!

  2. That was beautiful! I'm so thankful to have an incredible husband and marriage as well. Thank you for sharing and being an example!!

  3. so sweet jackie! love the picture of keith!

  4. Wow! I just happened to by the grace of god fall upon this blog.
    I am in a moment in life where change is knocking on my heart.
    This really made an impact so thank you all the way from north Mississippi (: