Monday, September 26, 2011


I love Miles' hair.
But it is Crazy with a capital C!

Fixing Miles' hair in the mornings is usually a battle, so when days come around where I can put it off until after his nap I jump at the chance.  He has serious bed head so it helps to only have to fix it once.

Even though putting it off until later in the day is an option (an option that we only take when we don't have to leave the house), his hair MUST be done everyday.  If not, it is a tangled mess the next day.  Not only do we have to get the knots out, but we also have to empty it of any stored food.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Miles uses his big beautiful curly hair as food storage.
Not by accident.
On purpose.

It's not hard to see the food if it's a potato chip, like the picture below, but when it's something like chocolate cheerios, it could be a couple of days before we find them.  And that may have actually happened, but I would be too embarrassed to tell you if it did :)