Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The Developmental Therapist that evaluated Miles last week was awesome! She asked a lot of great questions, made a lot of great observations, and really tried to get a complete picture of where Miles is from a developmental standpoint. We were told that the parents are not usually told if their children qualify for therapy at the first meeting because the results need to be figured to get a standardized score, and that number determines if they qualify for therapy. But, after she spent the morning with Miles, she told me that she is approving him for Developmental Therapy no matter what his scores are because "he desperately needs it."

I was glad that she saw what we are seeing, but I hate it for him.
He loves going to therapy, he is just having a hard time adjusting to the new routine.

Right now, he is doing four and a half hours of therapy a week and it wipes him out. He falls asleep during lunch just about everyday. It has totally messed his naps up because he still wants to take two naps a day, which is just not possible anymore because of therapy. We aren't in a place right now to help him adjust to a new schedule because, in the next couple of weeks, his therapy will go up to about eight hours a week. So, hopefully after we add his Physical Therapy and Developmental Therapy, we will be able to help him get adjusted.

Miles had a hearing test yesterday morning. The purpose of the test is to rule out any hearing issues as a reason for his speech delay/regression. The Audiologist did a series of tests and Miles did really good until she tried to use the ear plugs. He hated having the ear plugs in his ears and figured out that if he shook his head just right, they would fall right out. Slowly but surely, we were able to get enough tests done and we were told that his hearing was just fine. Thank you Jesus!

God has opened door after door for us since we started this journey.
It has been quiet amazing.
Our 3 month wait to start therapy evaluations turned into 3 weeks.
Our 2 month wait for OT turned into 1 week.
And just yesterday, our 4-6 month wait to get in to see the Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician and the Pediatric Neruopsychologist turned into 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS.

God has been so gracious to us.
Adoption makes you an expert in the area of 'waiting.'
I'm just grateful that He isn't making us wait to long this time.


  1. WOW! Love reading about how God is leading you through this process and causing timelines to shrink for you. This is excellent news for your baby boy! He is so blessed to have a Mamma that is going the extra mile to get him the help he needs. God must have known he'd need someone special like you :)

  2. what praises and what a sweet family!

  3. thanks for the update on Miles. you are a wonderful mother! I'm excited to hear about his progress!

  4. Hey Jackie & Keith! I was talking with Weslee this morning and so I read your post. I just wanted to encourage you! I went through a similar experience with my daughter Lauren when you all were in our church in C-ville. It is hard, but after 1 month of working with the OT, our Preschool/day care people told me she was a different child. It is amazing the changes that happen with the therapy starts working! It is hard but you are doing what he needs and he's so fortunate to have parents and Alex who love him, and that he'll grow up knowing about a Savior who loves him more. If I can help or encourage you in any way, please let me know. Cheryl Bradford