Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The video baby monitor may be the best invention EVER!
I seriously don't know how I survived without it when Alex was little.
It is, by far, my favorite baby thing!

Without it, I would never get to see things like this...

Miles spends most of his day upside down.
It's a sensory thing.
And it's hilarious.

(I'm not saying that his sensory issues are hilarious, but he does some pretty odd stuff and we've learned that we don't find some humor in his quirks, we will go completely crazy.)

When Miles goes down for a nap, he spends about 30 minutes either doing head stands, or walking back and forth in the bed bumping into the sides and falling over. When he's walking around, his blanket is either over his head so he can't see where he's going, or it's hanging over the rail and every few minutes he stops to readjust them.

It's actually very entertaining.

The other day, I could hear him laughing in his room, so I went and turned the monitor on to see what he was doing.

And apparently nothing is very funny.


  1. Haha! I love that!! And, I COMPLETELY agree about the video monitor! I wasn't really sure that I would use it a bunch when we got it because I had never used one while babysitting. But, we just love ours! It hilarious to watch them when they don't realize anyone else can see :o)