Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Alex's 5th grade class went on a field trip yesterday to the State Capital in Little Rock. He was excited about going, but not excited about leaving the school at 6:45 AM.

They were told to bring a sack lunch and 2 snacks.
One for the trip there and one for the trip back.

When we picked him up last night at 6:00 PM he was starving.
I asked him about his snacks, and he said he ate them all by lunch.
Then he started laughing and told me he that actually, he ate all but one.

The Swiss Roll.

He was saving it for the trip home, but he didn't get to eat it because someone accidentally sat on it and smooshed it.
And apparently it was hilarious.

I was all ready to hear all about the Capitol, the people he meet, his day in Little Rock, but the only thing we could get out of him was the story of the smooshed Swiss Roll.

11 year old boys are so funny.
I don't think I will ever understand them.

Shiloh 5th graders with Lt. Governor Mark Darr

Mrs. Ead's 5th grade class with Senator Bill Pritchard

Mrs. Ead's 5th grade class with State Representative Jon Woods

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