Monday, February 14, 2011


This is the last year.
The last year Alex has to make a Valentine box for school along with Valentine's for his whole class.

And he couldn't be more excited about it!
Not about making the Valentine's, but about it being the LAST time!
He has NEVER liked the whole Valentine's at school thing.

Since we were snowed in seven of the last ten school days, Alex had plenty of extra time to work on his stuff, and because I agreed to let him do full size chocolate bars, he didn't seem to mind it as much.

Here are his finished Valentine Candy Bars...

And his super cool Valentine Box...


  1. Love it!! Old habits die hard...I brought valentines to my PhD class this morning :) It was well received! Miss you guys - hope all is well!

  2. Wow. WELL done, Alex!!! Very creative - and I'm sure with full-size candy bars and no cards asking his classmates to "be his valentine" made him the HIT of the class!!!

  3. Awesome job on the box! Sure would like one of those big candy bars if I was in the 5th grade. Hope Alex had a wonderful last Valentine Day. Enjoy the break until Miles is in Elementary school.
    Love ya, Nina

    P.S. Would love to have one of those big candy bars even if I wasn't in the 5th grade. Hint, Hint Lol