Sunday, August 8, 2010


On Monday we headed to New Jersey to visit Keith's sister and her family.
They moved there from Charlotte, NC about the same time we moved here from Florida. So, we went from seeing them several times a year to once or twice a year. We keep telling ourselves that they came and saw us all the time in Orlando because they love us and wanted to spend time with us, but I think Mickey Mouse may have had a little to do with it.

Kim, before you leave a comment and tell me that is completely untrue, let me remind you of this post. :)

We flew out early Monday morning and Miles slept most of the flight, which was a huge blessing.

Kim took us to Ridgewood, NJ one morning to eat at the Country Pancake House. The pancakes were HUGE and there are about 90 different kinds to choose from.
We spent the rest of the day walking off our pancakes at Woodbury Common outlets in New York.

Later in the week, we went to the city and did whatever the kids wanted to do.
We rode the Ferris Wheel at Toys R Us in Times Square,

...walked through Central Park,

...hit up every candy store between 42nd and 61st street,

...and went to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

The kids even saw Justin Timberlake in Times Square shooting a scene from the movie, "Friends with Benefits".
Our nephew, Cade was able to work his way through the crowd and get pretty close. Apparently if a little boy says, "Mom, where are you? Mom?" people get out of the way. :)

Thanks for letting us come and hang out in Jersey.
We miss you guys already!

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  1. Ahhh, you have some sweet pictures. And I definitely was going to say we always came to see you guys. Mickey was just an added bonus:) Love how you have proof! We had a great time with you guys and miss you too. Anytime you want to gain 5 pounds you know where to come!