Sunday, August 1, 2010


July came and went a little too quick for me.
We started the month off at the Rodeo of the Ozarks.

It was fun!
Miles was more interested in the people sitting behind us than anything else.
I'm sure they were glad that we left a little early :)

We also had 3 family reunions that weekend.
It was really fun getting together and seeing everyone.

Miles meet almost 300 family members in two days.
He loves people so he was in his element.

For the 4th, we watched fireworks with our church family at CPH.
It was awesome!

We made a trip up to the Wild Wilderness Safari with my family.
It's fun to drive through because you can see the animals up close.

Which, is nice when it's a cute Zebra...

...but not when it's this.
Keith kept rolling my window down and locking it when the demon emu would get close and I couldn't get the window up! I all but climbed into the driver's seat. It was kind of funny the first time. But after the fifth or sixth time, not so much!

Miles loved seeing all the animals and was all smiles.

After we finished the drive through part, we put the little ones in the wagon and walked through the petting zoo. Miles liked the animals, but my niece, Makayla, wasn't too sure about some of them.

Alex was able to pet the baby tigers. They were only 5 weeks old and their teeth and claws were sharp. They were very cute and very playful.

Keith and I ended the month in Dallas. We went with our church staff for a few days and left the boys home with my in-laws. I was a little nervous about leaving Miles. It was the first time we had left him for more than a couple of hours in the 5 months that he'd been home. But, I had nothing to worry about. He did so good!

When we got home, I was so anxious to see him. But, he crawled right past me and straight to Keith yelling dada dada. I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointed. I mean, I'm thankful the boy loves his dada, but what about me? :)

We are leaving for New Jersey tomorrow to spend the week with Keith's sister and her family. We are excited to get a away for a little while before the busyness of school and football start.

I can't believe that summer is almost over!

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