Sunday, May 9, 2010


Today is Mother's Day and Africa is all I can think about.
Africa and Fikirte.

Fikirte is Miles' birthmother.
I wish I could have meet her while we were in Ethiopia.
I wish I could have given her a hug and thanked her for the precious gift she had given me.

I know I haven't told you Miles' story.
The details are his to share.
When he is older. When he feels comfortable.

So leaving out major details, here is what we can share...
His birthmother was unable to care for him for reasons we know,
and some we don't.

So she left him here.
She loved him enough to leave him someplace safe.
Somewhere where he would be cared for.
She loved him. She loved him very much.

I can't help but wonder what it was like leaving the hospital and walking through those gates.

Without her baby in her arms.
Without Misikir.
What was she thinking? Feeling?

Fikirte, we are thinking of you today.
Thank you for choosing life.
I am honored to be able to share the title of Mother with you.

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  1. We just got our referral for two boys two weeks ago, and our youngest was born in Mekele...maybe at that same hospital! Wow! Did you travel there? I'd love to hear about it!