Friday, May 21, 2010

{ethiopia} WE MADE IT

We landed in Ethiopia on Sunday night and I was so thankful to be there.

What an adventure!
And we were just getting started.

After we got off the plane, we got our visas, exchanged some money, and caught up with Travis. He was a little surprised that we traveled so light. Apparently, flying to Ethiopia without any luggage is not exactly normal.

We met Sammy, our driver, and he took us to the guest house.
After getting there, we spent the next three hours trying to get a hold of our parents so they could track down our luggage for us and see if it could get on the Ethiopian Air flight the next morning. If nothing else, I wanted the Humanitarian Aid to make it. I did not want it waiting for me back home.

We were able to get online, but for whatever reason, we were unable to leave a message on Facebook or send an email. We tried to use our cell phones, but were not able to get a signal. We were given a cell phone to use while we were there, but we were only able to receive international calls, not make them.

We were drained... emotionally, mentally, physically.
We finally gave up and went to bed.

The next morning, we were up getting ready when out of no where, I heard my phone beep. It beeped like I had a message.

Keith and I just looked at each other.
Since we were unable to get a signal the night before, we went through our phones and turned everything off that would allow email, messages, text or phone calls. In fact, the only reason I didn't turn it completely off was because I used it as my alarm clock.

I grabbed my phone and, sure enough, I had a text telling me that @meridithfloyd4 had sent me a DM on Twitter (thanks Meridith!), which also let me know that I had service!

I immediately called my mom to see if she could track down our luggage for us. Even though it was Monday morning in Ethiopia, it was only Sunday night in the states. She called me back within about 15 minutes and told me that it is on the plane and will arrive in Ethiopia Tuesday afternoon! I cannot begin to tell you how thankful we were. What a huge blessing!

Later that morning, we called Travis to find out what time he was bringing Misikir. He told us it would be sometime that afternoon and he would call us back later when he knew exactly what time. Although I wanted him as soon as possible, getting him later that day would give us time to walk down to the store and try and find some formula, bottles, diapers, you know, all the things you need when caring for a baby. All the things that didn't make it to Ethiopia with us.

Since we had a couple of hours to spare, we had Sammy drive us around Addis.
We drove all over the city.

It is such an amazing place.

Something about it captivates you.
It takes you in.
It steals your heart.

Happiness in the midst of extreme poverty.
Joy in the midst of despair.
Love and affection without shame.

After a couple of hours,
Sammy took us back to the guest house to wait for Misikir.

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