Saturday, May 22, 2010

{ethiopia} MEETING MILES

It's so hard to put into words what it was like.
The day I saw Misikir for the first time.

For 4 months, I knew his story.
For 4 months, I stared at photos of him.
For 4 months, I tried to imagine the day I would finally get to meet him face to face.

And that day had come.

I remember thinking, "He's really real!"

For so long he had just been a picture.
Someone we talked about, but had never met.
Someone we were in love with, but had no idea who we were.

In that instant, it all became worth it.
All the paperwork.
All the waiting.
All the trouble getting there.
It was all worth it.

We spent the rest of the day up in our room.
Just being together, for the first time, as a family of four.

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