Wednesday, May 26, 2010

{ethiopia} DAY 4

Thursday was a long day.
There was something scheduled for us all day long.

This would also be the first time we left Miles.

Miles was only allowed to leave the guest house with us to go to Gladney Foster Care, to the doctor, or to the Embassy. Any other time we left, one of the caregivers from Gladney came to the guest house to stay with him.

I spent the first part of the morning on the phone with the airlines trying to move our flights up. After talking to our doctor, we felt like the best thing would be to get Miles home. We were suppose to fly out Sunday evening, but our airline had a flight leaving Friday night. We were told the flight was full but we could leave a number and they would call us if anything opened up. Twenty minutes later, they called back and told us they had three spots open up if we wanted them. We went ahead and booked them and just prayed that we would get Miles' passport and visa in time.

We met up with the other Gladney families that morning at the Holy Trinity Church for a tour. Travis took us through the church and gave us quite a history lesson. The Church is the burial site of Emperor Haile Selassie and his wife and it also houses a memorial to the first victims of the Derg regime.
After spending the morning at the church, we went back to the guest house to pick up Miles for our interview at the Embassy. The caregiver stayed there because she was watching Miles again later that evening.

Whenever we went anywhere with Miles, I just held him in the back seat.
Alex usually took pictures out the window as we drove.
He actually ended up taking most of the pictures while we were there.

On the way to the Embassy, Alex snapped this picture.
Of all the pictures Alex took, this is one of my favorite.

Our interview at the Embassy was quick and easy. Waiting in the warm, crowded room for our turn was the hardest part. They asked us questions about Miles... where was he born, the name of the hospital, how he ended up in Gladney care, how old he was, if we met him before we passed court. We knew the answers to all the questions, but it was also helpful that Joanna came around while we were waiting and made sure we knew what to say and was there to help if we had any questions.

After we were done at the Embassy, we stopped by the doctor so Miles could get another shot, then we went back to the guest house. We spent a couple of hours there hanging out with the caregiver and Miles' Special Mother, who had walked over from another guest house. It ended up being a sweet time because they shared stories about Miles with us.

They remembered when he came to Addis... "Misikir, tiny baby. So little".
They also told us... "Misikir, good baby. Such good baby. No cry".
Then they laughingly said..."In morning, we turn babies on tummies and they cry and cry, they no like, but Misikir, he lays head down and goes to sleep. And we take babies outside and lay blanket and babies cry, they no like sun in their eyes, but Misikir, he goes to sleep."

Every update we received on Miles said he was a laid back little guy. To this day, that seems to be true.

After we visited for a while, we headed to dinner with the other Glandey families. We went to a cultural dinner that had Ethiopian food and traditional dancing.
By the time we got back, Miles was fast asleep.

If I haven't said it before, let me just say that Gladney Center for Adoption is AMAZING. Their staff is AWESOME and they take such great care of you, from the paperchase all the way to picking up your child.

We are very proud to be a part of the Gladney family!

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  1. i love every part about this story! God is so good!