Tuesday, May 25, 2010

{ethiopia} DAY 3

We went to Gladney Foster Care for a tour of the four different homes and the Coffee Ceremony.

This was the day I was excited and nervous about.

I was excited to see where Miles had spent the last seven and a half months, to meet the women who had cared for him, to be able to look them in the eyes and tell them thank you.

But I was nervous about taking him back there.
I didn't know how he would react being back.
Would we walk out holding a screaming baby who doesn't want to go with us?
We knew that was a possibility, and now we were at the point where we would find out.
The first home we toured was Miles' home. We found that out immediately when we walked upstairs and we heard several women start yelling his name and squealing. They were so excited to see him. Within seconds, they snatched him out of my arms, grabbed the bottle I was giving him and took over.
We were able to meet his Special Mother and she put him in the traditional Ethiopian outfit she bought him. Isn't she beautiful?!
The caregivers are so amazing and so sweet. They take such good care of the children and really do love them. We will forever be grateful for all the love, care, and affection they gave Miles while he was there.

After we finished touring the other three homes, we returned to Miles' home and waited for the Coffee Ceremony to begin.
When it started, his Special Mother brought him downstairs and returned him to us.
Did you notice he is sucking on his bottom lip?
He started it when we went upstairs and did it most of the time we were there.

After the Coffee Ceremony, we sat and visited while waiting for our turn to see the doctor. While we were waiting, one of the ladies asked us to come back upstairs and to take a picture of Miles' bed.

This was his bed. The one on the left.
Where he spent the last seven and a half months.

Alex did not want me to put him in his bed.
He was so upset about it.
He didn't want Miles to feel like we were going to leave him there.
So protective.

We snapped our pictures and Alex got him out of there.

By the time we got back downstairs, it was our turn to see the doctor. So we headed back across the street to wait our turn.

The doctors office is a small room and that particular day it was very warm in there. We were in there for what seemed like forever. After throughly checking Miles out, he told us that his ears were still infected, his legs still had spots on them (we were told is was fungal, but they looked like bug bites to me), and his breathing was still shallow and he felt like his pneumonia was getting worse. He decided he wanted to start giving him antibiotic injections once a day for the next five days. Then he told us if he was not better in a day, he was going to recommend he be admitted into the hospital and we would have to stay in Ethiopia longer than we had planned.

I'm not going to lie, that freaked me out a little.

I would have loved the opportunity to stay in Addis longer, but not under those circumstances.

While we were in the doctors office, Alex was starting to feel sick to his stomach. So I took him outside to get some fresh air while Keith finished up with the doctor. When we went outside, we were talking to some of the staff and telling them what the doctor said and we were advised to call our doctor and get a second opinion. Not that they didn't trust the doctor, because they absolutely do, but since our doctor was already aware of Miles' health and sent antibiotics with us, they felt like he would help us make a wise decision. Then they told us the best thing for Miles would be for us to bump our flights up a few days and get him home as soon as we could, not for us to stay longer and put Miles in the hospital.

So we had some decisions to make.

After the doctor we were suppose to meet up with other families and have lunch with the Gladney Representatives, but Alex was feeling worse and felt like he needed to lay down. So, we called Travis and told him we were skipping lunch to take Alex back to the guest house and that's where we spent the rest of the day.


  1. It is unbelievable how much Miles has grown & how strong he has become in 3 short months!

  2. So, I was reading this post while sitting next to John. He looked over and saw the picture of Miles in his bed with you and Alex standing there. He made a face and said "what's that?". I said "his bed". And, then there was confused silence. He said "Really? whaaa?" Then, I responded "In Ethiopia" to which he said "OHHHH, I was gonna say, I can't see that in Jackie's house. I thought maybe it was an Ikea kind of look or something weird" We both laughed out loud. Thought you would enjoy hearing that!

    Loving the stories and pictures! Keep them coming!