Sunday, May 23, 2010

{ethiopia} BROTHERS

Alex is such a great big brother.

I knew he would be.

He has such a big heart and loves with no strings attached.
He genuinely cares about others and is eager to help people.

Alex is such a joy and Miles was immediately drawn to him.
The first hour we had him, he spent most of the time laying on the bed with Alex, rubbing his face and just starring at him.

Alex was the first to make Miles smile and the first to make him laugh.

The minute we saw them together, we knew bringing Alex to Ethiopia with us was the right decision for our family.


  1. Oh, the hand on the face picture made me tear up! So much sweet caring in that photos!

  2. I agree with Tracy. Tears. Immediately. As soon as I saw that same photo! I love those boys, and even though you had to wait as long as you did, it is obvious that God picked Miles for you!

  3. I am SO glad you brought Alex to Ethiopia as well!!! It was SUCH a blessing to have him around - esp. so that Mesfin had a boy near his age to hang out with!!! Miss you guys ALOT!!!