Thursday, January 7, 2010


When do you travel?

Traveling is the last step in our adoption.
We did all the paperwork, were put on the waitlist, received our referral, passed court, now we are at the last step and we aren't sure when we get to take it.

You know that letter?
That letter we impatiently waited for because it allowed us to be officially waitlisted?
The I-171h.

Well, we are still impatiently waiting for it. For the third time.

Let me catch you up.

Remember this?
When we had to move because the home we were renting was being sold.
Well, we didn't talk about it much, but anyone in the middle of an adoption knows that moving means more paperwork.

Because we moved into a new home, we had to update our homestudy, send it to our local USCIS office, and wait (again) for the new approval letter. We received our new letter, with our new address on it in about a month. Not bad. Much better that the four months it took the first time.

Well, then this happened.
But this time, we weren't just moving down the street, we were moving to a new state.

So, we emailed our new CIS office and let them know what was going on.
We moved across the country, bought a home, updated our homestudy and submitted all of our new and old paperwork to our new USCIS office.

And that's where our stuff has been the last 3 months. Sitting on a desk.

The email that I sent them in August to let them know we were moving there was never replied to. My plea to let me know if there was anything else they needed was not answered.

I followed up with them last month to check on the status of our case, and two weeks later, they let me know that they don't have everything they need to amend my I-171h.

Our local CIS office has requested information from us everyday this last week. And just when we check everything off their crazy insane list, they add something else to it.

We have been doing paperwork for this adoption for the last 16 months.

We are so ready to go get our boy! So ready!

So, when do we travel?
We aren't traveling on our first travel dates of February 1-8.
We were bumped.

Our new 'tentative' travel dates are February 15-22.

We are praying for favor with our local CIS office. Praying all the documents they've requested come in quickly from the other states. Praying they get it all processed in a timely manner. Praying that we get to travel soon to be united with the little boy that God choose for our family. And praying that Jesus will shine in all that we say and do.


  1. Best wishes.. we will miss you on Feb. 1-8. Love, J

  2. Ohhh, this process can be so tiring and frustrating! I feel for you right now! Praying for all requests mentioned. Once you DO finally get him home, thankfully this will all melt away and be forgotten. Praying that you get to travel SOON!

  3. Sorry to hear that. We will be praying!


  4. C'mon CIS office... get that paper moving!!!