Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We received on update on our baby boy today.

I was so excited to get an update on him and read about all of the milestones he is meeting, but it makes me so sad that I am missing out on all these little things.

They said that he 'talks' when you talk to him and he just started squealing.
I want to hear those things for myself, not just read about them.

I am so thankful that we receive updates, but I am so ready to go get him and bring him home!

We also received a new picture of him.
He is so precious!

And he was wearing pink.

I think it's cute and it makes me laugh,
I just hope he finds the humor in it one day.

Here is a picture of what he was wearing in his referral picture...

Here is what he was wearing in the picture we received today...

Not only does my little man wear pink, he apparently wears pink flowers, butterflies and shirts that imply he is a... Princess?

Don't worry baby boy, this sweet family will be there soon to pick up their daughter and they are bringing you a care package from us that not only includes some toys, but some new clothes.

Some 'boy-looking' clothes!


  1. Ha! Your little one and Deacon both need some fashion help!

  2. Oh, Jackie!! How great is it that you get to send him a care package?! I absolutely love that you get to send him some clothes and toys before you even meet him in person. How stinkin exciting!

    And, personally, I think the princess shirt is great. I always wanted one. Maybe baby Harmon can take a time machine and drop off that fantastic shirt just for me?

  3. That is too cute! Can't wait for him to get HOME!

  4. bring on the BLUE! too funny. guess they get more girl clothes donated over there because i saw A LOT of boys in pink while we were there. praying you get to go SOON!

  5. I am thinking that even if we get a referral for a girl. I am going to send gender neutral clothing. Gotta help those little boys out. :)

    Praying for your court date!