Thursday, July 30, 2009


This is my favorite photo of Alex from this summer.
It was taken on July 4th while we were in New York City.

Standing on the ferry boat looking at the Statue of Liberty on the day that our country celebrated its independence was pretty cool.

But the coolest part for me was how excited Alex was to actually see Lady Liberty in person. He stood in the window for about 15 minutes and just stared at her.

You just have to know Alex to fully understand it.
He is one of those kids that is impressed by nothing.
Absolutely nothing!

But every once in a while, we get a little glimpse of something that excites him, something that puts him at a loss for words.


  1. What a great picture!

    I heard you all announced at FBCS on Sunday, but didn't see where you were sitting. I was hoping to run into you. Maybe we'll be in the same travel group...

  2. Hey Robyn!
    We were in AR on vacation the last couple of weeks. I actually looked for you Sunday. I wasn't sure if you went to CPH or FBCS but I saw Rachel Henry at Frozen Tung (YUM!) and she mentioned that a couple in her connection group were also adopting from Ethiopia and, well, it turned out to be you.
    Such a small world!

    We sat on the left wing with Keith's parents (which, by the way, is a great place to sit if the Pastor is going to draw everyone's attention to the fact that your in town visiting :) That kind of stuff is embarrassing to me. Next time we are in town, I will let you know so we can get together.
    And, I would love it if we travelled together!