Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I would like to introduce you to someone very special.

This is Jameson Todd Setsma.

His family goes to our church.
His brothers go to school with Alex.
His parents are our friends.
And he needs your prayers!

He was born 7 months ago with a rare disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).  His disease causes the skin to be extremely fragile.  He does not have the anchors that hold his layers of skin together which means that any activity that rubs or puts pressure on his skin, causes it to come off and blisters to form.

He is the sweetest little boy with these big blue eyes and cheeks that you just want to pinch, but you don't, because that would wipe his skin off and he will have more blisters.

Think about it.  Think about all the ways you love and play with your babies - hugs, kisses, peek-a-boo.  You tickle them, swing them, toss them in the air.  What about everyday stuff that you do, your routine - feed them, bathe them, dress them, change their diapers.  These are all things that we would all consider normal, routine.

Now, think about doing those things, the routine things, with a baby whose skin is as fragile as a butterfly's wing.

Jameson has been through so much in the last seven months.

And it's not over.

He is back in the hospital and not doing very good.  As of today, he is stable and is still on a ventilator.

Please pray for this sweet family and their precious baby.

Here are some specific ways the family has asked us to pray...

  • Jameson will respond positively as the doctors slowly reduce his dependence to the ventilator and drugs
  • His chest will clear up and his breathing will get better
  • He will increase his caloric intake so he will grow and thrive (his body spends so much energy making new skin which has caused his weight gain to be very slow)
  • His hands and feet, which seem to blister the worse
  • God's BEST for Jameson and God's will
  • The peace that passes ALL understanding for the entire family
  • That in these hard times their faith becomes stronger... loving Jesus more and more even if they do not understand what He is doing.

**Update from the Setsma's blog:

This morning [March 3rd] at 6:08 Jameson went home to be with Jesus. He's now got a perfect body without EB and without breathing problems. He's running around playing with Jesus. I [Todd] told Melisa that Jesus is probably rubbing his skin all over the place and no blisters!!!


  1. He is precious! I will be praying for him and his parents. I know God can heal that sweet baby.

  2. I will definitely be praying. I actually did my 20 minute speech for one of my speech classes in college about this disease, so I understand how difficult it is for his family.