Tuesday, February 17, 2009

just the 2 of us

This week, it's just me, the boy, and the puppy.

Keith flew to Virginia today to get his preach on.
He is preaching tomorrow, Thursday, & Friday at a city wide revival.

Alex J sleeps with me when his daddy goes out of town.

It's great if...
(1) you enjoy being abruptly woke up by flying elbows and arms to the face.
(2) you like being kneed and kicked in the back.
(3) you don't mind the sound of grinding teeth.

Let me just say, it's going to be a loooooooooooong week.

Please pray for safe travel, for God to use Keith mightily, for students lives to be changed, and well, while your at it, at least one good night of sleep for the momma.


  1. I hope you and Alex have a great week together, but I wish you both were here!


  2. too funny!! i feel your pain! have a fun week together!!

  3. cute picture! my kids love to sleep with me when Scott's gone. you will be adding one more in the bed soon.