Friday, December 26, 2008


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One of my best friends, Chad, sent a Christmas present to my Nana and Pepaw's house just for me.  Boy was I surprised!

I couldn't wait to see what it was.


No way!  A remote controlled helicopter!  Sweet!


This morning, my cousins and I took it in the back yard to play with it.

The first flight took the helicopter OVER the house and into the front yard.

The second flight took it from the front yard, across the street, and onto the neighbor's roof.


The third flight took it from our front yard, back across the street, into the top of a tree, over the neighbor's roof, then into their backyard.

After the neighbor was kind enough to help us get it...AGAIN, he requested that we take the helicopter somewhere else to play because he had work to do.

Thanks for the super cool, high flying helicopter, Chad!
I'm going to put it away for now so we can fly it together and you can see for yourself how cool it is.

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