Sunday, December 7, 2008


I am so blessed to have this man as a best friend and partner for life.
He is an amazing husband and wonderful father.
He is very passionate about his Lord and the ministry God has given him.

This man, my man, is something.
As we continue on our journey to grow our family through adoption,
I am continually amazed at the sacrifices this man is willing to make.

He works hard.
Really hard.

He has dreams.
Dreams of things he will one day have.
A new truck.  A bass boat.  A motorcycle.

he sacrifices.
He is choosing to not go after those things.
Things he has worked hard and saved for.
Things he still dreams of having one day.

he's choosing to go after something else.
Someone else.

He is putting his wants and needs aside...once again,
and choosing our family.

Yes, my man, he is something.
And today is his birthday.

I am certain he will not get all the things he dreams of,
all of his wants and desires.

But I did!
I married the man of my dreams.
And I pray that our boys will grow up to be just like their daddy.

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  1. Happy Birthday to the best brother ever! I agree with you Jackie, Alex is lucky to have a great role model.