Friday, November 21, 2008


The 3rd Grade Thanksgiving Party today was so much fun.

Each of the students took turns getting up and reading a little story they wrote about what they are thankful for.  They were so cute!  After they each read their stories, a few of them took turns telling jokes and then they all got up and together recited Psalm 100, which they have been learning all month.  They did so good!  The party was complete with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner...doughnuts and juice!

Alex's Thanksgiving Party
Here is Alex's writing...

On this Thanksgiving I am grateful for all the ways God has blessed me.  I am especially thankful for two blessings.

One of the two blessings is my family.  I am especially thankful for my parents because my dad plays sports with me and my mom plays board games with me.  Also, I am thankful for my awesome cousins.  I am very thankful for my grandparents because they are as sweet as honey.

The second thing I am thankful for is my life.  One of the best things about life is going to church.  I am very thankful for friends, one of my friends is Malik.  Last but not least I am thankful for spending time with family.

Truly God has blessed me.


  1. Alex has such a good heart. That is so sweet. It is nice that they are taking time out to remember things to be thankful for. Your feast sounds like our with doughnuts and juice. Yummy!!