Thursday, October 16, 2008

and The Royal Student Award goes to...


Alex received The Royal Student Award in chapel today.  Each class is able to give the award to about nine different students throughout the year.  So exciting!  The students vote on who they believe should get the award and the teacher ultimately chooses.  This award is a character award, so as you can imagine, we are so proud of Alex.  The principal, Mrs. Lail, tells why the student is chosen.  She said all kinds of nice things (to be honest, I can't remember what she said...what kind of mom am I ?!?)  They should send the letter home and when they do, well, I will not hesitate to tell you how wonderful my Royal Student is!


  1. yay!! I remember they used to give us a button to wear if we were the royal student... what a flashback!!
    tell alex that I'm SO excited for him and proud of him!!
    miss you!

  2. Oh, they still give them a button and they proudly wear it all day! I guess some things never change...

  3. Way to go Alex!! Such a great example!