Sunday, September 14, 2008


...said Alex, on our way to church this morning.

I was explaining what our day was going to be like today and I guess it didn't sound very restful.

I was trying to figure out what he wanted to do today after church.

He had two options...
(1) the Mall at Millenia with his dad to have lunch with the high school students
(2) pizza and putt putt with me and the middle school students.

He went back and forth and finally decided to go with his dad.

I can't blame him...putt putt - in the middle of the afternoon - in Florida!?!
Who's idea was that!?!

After we finished our activities, we ran home to start getting ready for the Bible study we have at our house on Sunday nights for high school students.

I guess his 'day of rest' will start about 8:00pm - aka, bedtime!

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  1. Yeah, we feel like that sometimes too. It's hard to understand that's a "day of rest" when that's your Husband/Dad's biggest day of the week.