Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well, school is cancelled AGAIN, since tropical storm Fay decided to stay for a few more days.

It will not stop raining!

When I pick Alex up from school, all the kids are standing outside in their ponchos.

He was soaked when I picked him up today because, according to Alex, ponchos don't work that great.  The way the wind has been blowing the last couple of days, I can't argue with him.

In car line today, I personally witnessed several hundred children working hard to keep their hoods on and ponchos down.  I also counted 4 umbrellas that were quickly inverted by the wind.

That always makes me laugh.

I guess we will sleep in tomorrow and then find something to do...indoors.

1 comment :

  1. Well I'm glad you guys are staying dry... This weather is crazy for us up here so I can only imagine what it has been like down there. Alex is right those ponchos are worthless.

    Continue to stay dry and enjoy your time inside,
    Love Jonathan