Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Keith, Alex and I went downtown to Lake Eola tonight to hang out with some new friends we have made this summer.  It is always exciting because we never know who will show up.  I was surprised by the large crowd.  All of the weathered wooded benches were full.  They were sitting, visiting with each other and patiently waiting for the teenagers and college students that show up every Thursday tell them that it was time to eat.  All of their stories are different, all going through different things, but their common ground is life happen to them and it has left them homeless for this season in their lives.

Teresa, a lady we have gotten to know, is pregnant with triplets and is due in about 3 months.  She has been working down at the newspaper but has had to quit because of the pregnancy.  Please keep Teresa in your prayers.  She is on a new seizure medication and it is giving her a lot of trouble.
Dennis, who we just met tonight, has such a sweet spirit about him.  He was sharing with us that it has been difficult for him the last month.  He has lost weight due to the fact that he only gets a couple of meals a day.  He is living in his car and finding it very difficult to get food stamps.  He may have a job and a place to live lined out soon.  Please keep Dennis in your prayers.

We always leave downtown with a greater appreciation for what we have.  We have been so blessed by hanging out with them and sharing our lives with them.  Isn't it funny that when we go and serve others, we end up being the ones who are blessed!

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