Thursday, February 15, 2018


8 years ago today, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, an 8-month-old baby boy named Misikir entered our world, was placed in our arms, and captured our hearts.  He was so sweaty from being in the car all day as one by one babies were delivered to anxiously waiting parents all over the city.  After accidentally trying to give him to another family, they finally made it to us.  We were the last stop of the day and with arms wide open, we received a beautiful baby boy.

Misikir came to us with the girl clothes on his back and several bottles of medicine for his many different illnesses.  Get him home and get him well was our first mission, but little did we know that pneumonia and a double ear infection would the least of our worries.  Our journey to help Miles Misikir get well ended up revealing that he was struggling in ways that medicine can’t fix.  There is no pill for Autism, no cure for Intellectual Disability, and the little boy that captured our hearts ended up wrecking our family in the most beautiful way.

When we said yes to adoption, we didn’t realize the journey God was about to take us on.  3 years into it, I found myself in the darkest place my mind and heart had ever been.  After losing two babies, God called us to open our hearts to adoption.  We received Miles with open arms and 3 years later, those arms were covered in scars, scratches, and bite marks.  I was called to love, bond, and build trust with a child that I was scared to death of and every interaction with him was physically painful for me in one way or another.

I hit a breaking point one Sunday morning at church.  I dropped Miles off in the nursery and found my place beside Keith.  They start singing the words, “You are good.  You are good.  You are good.”  And that was it for me.  Those words.  I didn’t believe them, I didn’t like them, and I didn’t want to hear them.  I was in a room with thousands of people but I had never felt so alone.  I frantically grabbed my stuff and got out of there.  I walked to my car, threw my stuff in the passenger seat and lost it.  “This is the rest of my life” is all I kept thinking.  “This is the rest of my life and God knew THE WHOLE TIME!”

Knowing that God allowed this and even purposed it made me feel so helpless and so hopeless and that is a bad combination when your life and circumstances have forced you to isolate from the world.  So I sat.  Suicide was the only way out and I had known it for a long time.  And that morning, with everyone safe in their own space at church, I found myself at a crossroads.  I put the car in drive and had to make a choice.  Turn left and go home or turn right and just drive.  I have never struggled with a decision more than I did with that one that day.  I was suicidal with a plan and I knew if I went home I was done.

I turned right.

My thinking was drive the opposite way from the house and make space.  I knew Starbucks was open so I drove straight there like my life depended on it, because it did.  I ordered a Venti White Mocha with an extra shot and sat in the parking lot holding the warm cup in my hands.  Warm hands and the smell of coffee.  That was enough time and space to help me get out of my head and start telling God how incredibly disappointed I was with His plan for my life.  I told Him if those words were true, if He really is good, He better show me.  I could not and would not do this the rest of my life if He didn’t seal that truth in my heart.

Get Miles home and get him well was our mission,
but get Miles home and get Jackie well was God’s mission. 

That was 5 years ago and it was the beginning of God putting this broken mama back together.  He used His life-giving Word to breathe life back into me.  He knew that Miles would require more of me than I could give and getting me to the end of myself was always His plan.  We are called to die to self, to be living sacrifices, so why are we so surprised when that pain seems like too much to bear?  I can remember telling God, “This is literally going to kill me!”  His response?  “That’s the whole point!  The cross I have called you to bear is supposed to kill you.  That’s the whole point of the cross!  Less of Jackie, more of Jesus!”

So as I sit here and reflect on the last 8 years, I am in awe and overwhelmed at the journey that God has taken us on.  It is far from over and it is still incredibly difficult, but I’m not the same person.  Eight is the number for new beginnings.  Isn’t that fitting?  Isn’t it just like God to call us to something bigger than ourselves, allow us to struggle and wrestle, and then produce something new and beautiful?

If I could go back, knowing what I know now, I would do it all over again.  I never ever want to be the me before Miles.  If that means that Jesus is not going to rescue me from this, if that means that I will get bit, scratched, hit and be forced to change diapers the rest of my life, then I pray that Jesus’ charge to John the Baptist in Matthew 11 will be true of me, “Blessed is He who does not fall away because of Me.”

Today, we celebrate God’s gift of Miles into our family.
Today, we remember the hard and the pain.
Today, we acknowledge the fact that God is indeed a good God.

Happy Gotcha day, Miles Misikir!  You are a gift worth celebrating!

5 years ago, God used a cup of coffee to save my life.  5 years later, God is using a new coffee to give me the energy to live that life.  He is using coffee as an outlet for me to share my story and speak life into people who are struggling.  He is a personal and intentional God.  Coffee helped me make the choice to stick around for my people and now God is using my coffee business to financially bless my people.  He simply amazes me!  I am excited for year 8, for our new beginning, and I can't wait to see what God is going to do!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Protect Your Husband's Heart & Mind by Getting NAKED

Does that topic embarrass you?
Does talking about it make you extremely uncomfortable?

If so, I am going to go ahead and warn you that you are going to be tempted to stop reading and close this post.  Please don’t.  Ladies, if you are married and want to do something in 2018 to help your husband pursue Jesus, please keep reading.

With all the New Year’s resolutions floating around, I would like to challenge you to add something to your list… GET NAKED!  Vow to make 2018 the year of more nudity and less modesty.

In marriage, part of my job is to help my husband prepare for Eternity.  I want to help him keep his heart and mind pure.  I want to make it easy for him flee from sexual immorality.  I want to partner with him as he pursues Jesus.  And I am learning that one of the best ways to help him flee from sin is to get naked.

Men are visual and that doesn’t change just because they love Jesus. Husbands were wonderfully and perfectly designed by a loving Father to be drawn to their wives.  What a gift!  In this crazy hyper-sexualized culture, the God of the universe placed in our husbands a desire and need for sex that keeps them coming back to us.

Choose to not make your husband feel bad for being who he was designed to be.
Choose to work with the Creator to protect your guy.

After all...

You are the only woman he is allowed to see naked.
Your breasts are the only ones he is allowed to look at and touch.
Your body is the only one he is allowed to explore.

Send your man into the world armed with visuals to protect his mind.  Knowing you can’t control what other women wear or how much skin they will reveal, be intentional in the mornings about dressing in front of your husband.  Let your breasts stay exposed a little longer than normal and make sure he sees them.  I promise, he will think about you all day.

God made the female body soft and curvy and your man doesn't just want to see it, he wants to touch it.  If your husband is anything like mine, when he isn't able to touch he often resorts to grabbing and groping, which isn't fun for either one of us.  I love that my guy chooses to not touch anyone else the way he touches me and that makes me want to reward him, not punish him.

Your husband was designed with a physical need for sex.  More than likely, you and your husband will not have matching sex drives, but one thing that you both have is a need to connect.  As a wife, you don’t have to feel like having sex to receive the benefit of being intimate with your husband. God created us as physical and spiritual beings, so knowing that sex was all God's idea, we need to realize that there is more going on than just physical pleasure.  Sex is a reset button for your husband, but it’s also a reset button for your hearts.  The enemy’s goal is for you to feel disconnected, isolated and lonely and being intimate with your spouse is like waging war against the schemes of the devil.

So ladies, what do you say?  Will you help your Jesus-loving husband keep his heart and mind pure?  Will you help your God-fearing man flee from sin?  If so, then get naked, let him touch, and wage war!

"Behold, you are beautiful, my love, behold you are beautiful!...
You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you."
{Song of Solomon 4:1a, 7}

DISCLAIMER:  God's design for sex was and is beautiful and good. I know that everyone comes to the conversation of sex and healthy sexuality from a different place and I recognize that it can trigger hurt and pain for a lot of people. The way you were introduced to it may not accurately reflect the goodness of God and if that's the case, I am so very sorry. If this topic brings feelings of shame, please know that is not from God but from the enemy. God deeply loves you and wants to set you free from fear, shame, guilt, and blame.

Monday, December 11, 2017


When I posted this on Facebook…
Hello! My name is Jackie Harmon and I am a hot mess.  My thyroid hates me, my hormones have a mind of their own, my brain forgets to tell me to breathe when I am asleep, I’m severely anemic which keeps me feeling exhausted, my legs are restless, I have horrible insomnia, and I have to take medicine for PTSD, anxiety and depression to help me parent my Autistic Ninja.
…I had just finished a cup of coffee.  But not just any coffee, this new magic coffee that my friend introduced me to.  The company that sells the coffee claims that their coffee is smart.  That it can increase my energy, suppress my appetite, curb my sugar cravings, increase my metabolism, help my brain feel calm, and so on and so on.

Drink coffee. Increase Energy. Lose weight.

That sounds too good to be true, right?!  But...What if it works?  What if their claims are true?  What did I have to lose?  Well, since they offer a 30-day money back guarantee, I had absolutely nothing to lose, so I ordered a tub.

After just one day, I knew this was something special.

I couldn't believe the energy the coffee gave this anemic insomniac.  I had a complete hysterectomy in February to try and solve my low iron issues but instead of helping, it left me wide awake until 2-3 every morning, which took my exhaustion to a whole new level.

My Facebook post went on to say...
I have to stick close to Jesus to survive each and every day. I know that He has a specific purpose for my life and yet my body seems determined to work against Him.  But God...  Sometimes He gives me a verse to speak life into my soul, sometimes He brings along a friend to encourage me, and sometimes He sends an unexpected gift in the form of coffee.
I loved the coffee so much and I decided to step out of my comfort zone and let people know about it.  This was super scary because, well, people trust us.  They trust us with their hearts and lives and we never want to do anything to mess that up.  We are Jesus people -not sales people, not coffee people, not money chasing people- Jesus people.  Our calling is to serve people and help them live out their unique purpose.  And since this product seemed to be helping us have the energy and clear mind to do that more effectively, I felt like everyone should have the opportunity to see if it works for them too.

In 2 months, Keith and I have lost 43 pounds and have had so much fun reconnecting with people from different seasons of our lives and ministry.  It has been a sweet reminder of how truly blessed we are to have so many people in our lives.  But the greatest part, so far, is having the opportunity to grace people right where they are.  I have received so many texts, emails, and messages from people whose bodies just aren't functioning right.  No matter what the reason, the shame and guilt that come along with that feels really bad and lonely. So having friends, family members, and acquaintances take that brave first step and confess that they need help, well, it is just amazing.

The company launched September 16th of this year with one product... coffee.
And they made it easy for people like me who don't want to sell anything... samples.

I give out samples.
People buy coffee.
The company sends me money.

Seriously, how is this real life?

If you are interested in trying the coffee, message me your address and I'll send you a sample.  If you are interested in buying some coffee, you can do so here.  If you are interested in locking arms with me and making some extra money with company that is less than 3 months old and already doing millions a month in revenue (that is unheard of), message me today.  There is something exciting about being on the ground floor of something that is about to explode and I would love for you guys to come along for the ride.

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Happy Birthday to the greatest human I know.
You love, serve, and give all of you all the time.

I love hearing about your day because it’s never about what you accomplished.  When you recount your steps, it always includes the people you encountered, helped out, and made laugh. 

You may be praying with the Mayor one minute and stuffing envelopes with the support staff the next.  You may be picking up a guest speaker one day and driving a bus for the student ministry the next.  You may be standing on stage one day and behind the scenes setting up tables the next.

You take time to speak and to listen.
You take time to care and to love.
You take time to be part of the solution, no matter what the problem.

You do you better than anyone I know and everyone around you is better for it.

Today, on your birthday, we celebrate not just the day you were born, but the life that you live and the difference that you make.  I am so proud of the person you are and honored to call you mine.

Happy Birthday!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


This girl.
There is no one else like her.

She is beautiful.
She is funny.
She is kind.

This girl.
The daughter I didn’t know to ask for.

She is thoughtful.
She is caring.
She is mine.

Brittany, you stepped into our lives over 5 years ago.
You immediately stole our hearts and eventually moved into our home.
Our family of 4 was missing someone and we knew we weren't complete.
But then you moved in and helped us see that you were the missing piece.
Our family is better for having you in our lives and in our home.
Thank you for letting us love you and claim you as our own.
You are a gift we didn't know to ask for but are so grateful we received.
Happy Birthday, sweet girl!  We are proud of all you've achieved!